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The Quality Philosophy OSI Quality Philosophy

One of our primary goals is to be an excellent partner for our customers providing solid products together with fast, flexible and individual solutions for technical challenges.

3D Interferometer Testing

Test connectors or ferrules of cables to ensure apex offset, the radius of curvature, and fiber height within the expected ranges and successful connection of fiber optic lines.

3D Interferometer Testing1

End-Face Inspection / 400px ...

Inspect the connector end face for scratches, defects, and contamination to keep the tips clean, which improves communication quality and reliability and keeps the network uptime.

End-Face Inspection / 400px ...4

IL and RL Testing

Test insertion loss and return loss of cables to ensure the reach and stable signal transmission.

Polarity Testing

Measure the polarity to ensure data from Tx at one end can be properly transmitted to Rx at the other end via light signals.

Polarity Testing
Polarity Testing

Temperature Test

Test whether the transceivers can work normally under extreme temperature conditions in the temperature chamber.

Test items

*Temperature Cycling

*Temperature Cycling

*Temperature Cycling

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