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Authorized Method of Optical Cable Type and Specification



① Symbol of the classification
GY——outdoor(field)communication optical cable
GJ——indoor communication optical cable

② Symbol of strength member
No symbol——metallic strength member
F——non-metallic strength member

③ Symbol of structure characteristics
No symbol——loose tube structure
J—— tight structure
X——central tube structure
T——jelly-filled structure
Z——Flame retardant type


④ Symbol of sheath
Y——PE sheath
V——PVC sheath
A——Al-polyethylene laminated sheath
S——steel-polyethylene laminated sheath
W——with embedding steel-polyethylene laminated sheath

⑤ Symbol of protective covering
According to the provision of GB/ T 2952.1, denoted with the figure, such as:
53—-Corrugated steel-tape armored polyethylene outer sheath
33――Steel wire armored polyethylene outer sheath
93――Steel wire braid armored polyethylene outer sheath



① Symbol of the fiber quantity
It is denoted by virtual number of congeneric fiber in optical cable.

② Symbol of fiber sort
It is denoted by classified symbol of fiber,namely, capital letter A and B denote multimode fiber and single-mode fiber separately. number or small letter denote different kinds ofmultimode fiber and single-mode fiber. Common symbols are as follows:

A1a—50/125μm silicon dioxide series gradient multimode fiber
A1b—62.5/125μm silicon dioxide series gradient multimode fiber
B1.1—dispersion-unshifted single-mode fiber (ITU-T G.652A,B fiber), (B1 is shorthand for B1.1)
B1.3—extended wavelength band dispersion-unshifted single-mode fiber (ITU-T G.652C,D fiber)
B4—silicon dioxide series non?zero?dispersion shifted single-mode fiber(G.655 in ITU-T fiber)

Authorized Method of Optical Cable Type and Specification

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