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SC UPC Single Mode Simplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord

A cost-effective solution that provides high bandwidth and transmission rates over long distances. This high-quality single-mode fiber optic patch cable is specifically designed using SMF-28e fiber for ethernet applications. Each connection has great durability and is resistant to pulls, strains and impacts during installation.
Our cables are 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss before you receive them. A pull-proof jacket design surrounds the Single-mode, OS2, 9/125 fiber which is immune to electrical interference.


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Insertion loss:<0.3dB

Return Loss: UPC>55dB, APC>65dB

Jacket type: PVC, LSZH

Fiber Type: G652D, G657A, G655, 62.5/125, OM3, OM4

Cable Outer Diameter(mm): 2.0,3.0



* 100% Optically inspected and tested for insertion loss
* Pull-Proof Jacket
* Immune to electrical interference
* ROHS Compliant


* Fiber Network Deployments
* Fast Ethernet
* Gigabit Ethernet
* Other Data Applications Requiring High Transfer Rates

ItemsSingle modeMultimode
PCUPCAPC62.5/12550/12550/125 10G
Insertion Loss<0.2dB<0.3dB
Return Loss≥45dB≥50dB≥60dB ≥35dB
Durability<0.1dB typical change,500 matings
Operating Temperature-40 to +75-40 to +75
Ferrule Hole Sizes125.0+1/-0um, Conentricity:≤1um125um,Conectricity:1≤3um
125.3+1/-0um, Conentricity:≤1um127um,Conectricity:1≤3um
125.5+1/-0um, Conentricity:≤1um128um,Conectricity:1≤3um
126.0+1/-0um, Conentricity:≤1um

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